Build Guide

This guide describes how to build the OCE from source code.

Do I Need to Build?

The OCE is shipped in pre-built binary form as well as source form and, since it is Java, this binary form is relevant on all platforms. If you simply wish to run the OCE, there is no need to be able to build it.

You will need to build the OCE fully or partially from the source code if:

In the first two cases, you will need to build the entire OCE from source code.
In the third case, you have a choice - install the binary distribution and just build your new frameworks and OCE-Server (to link your new code in), or alternatively build the whole kaboodle from source code.

Build Pre-requisites

See the system requirements guide for general information.

The CassiniJava framework needs some third-party library jar files in order to build, which are not shipped as part of the distribution. Check the installation guide to see which Java libraries are required, following the instructions as described.

The Testing framework also needs some third-party testing library jar files required to run the tests, as stated in the requirements. The library jars should be downloaded from the corresponding sources and added into the lib folder of the Testing framework source. The framework should then be re-built and installed.

Build Procedure
Framework Build Order


Building Applications

The applications may be built in any order; they are:


Build them and, if required, install them.

What Now?

If you started with a binary distribution, having followed instructions in the installation guide, and have simply been rebuilding things, you are now finished and everything should run correctly.

However, if you've just installed everything from source code, you'll now need to refer to the installation guide for additional steps to ensure the software is properly configured, that you have a database set up, and so forth.